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Food with wines that tell a story

Food with wines that tell a storey
After a long day of working, gardening, cheering on your favorite sports team or even just a walk in the park, a good meal featuring locally harvested foods ends it with brilliance. For many that meal is incomplete without the right wine. In Western Massachusetts we are fortunate to have some great places to get wine. Expertise and selection are abundant and if you have a favorite wine you are likely to find it in any number of shops around the region. What are the options for the people and circumstances that require a vintage that is a little less ordinary?

California is home to thousands of wineries. The fruit of many of them will never enjoy mass appeal. Often it is because the winemakers have chosen to control their quality by only producing small hand crafted batches. The people who have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying these works of art are those who have traveled the back roads of the pastoral regions where grapes flourish on our West Coast. Those fortunate souls have heard the stories behind the wines and learned of the labor and love of the land necessary to produce this level of excellence.

Pam and Bruce Boring are two such people and they have devoted decades to the search of such passion. Their love for the product and producers has made them want to share these well kept secrets. To that end they have created the California Wine Club. Through a series of brokers they are able to ship wines from Mom and Pop and Boutique wineries to the east coast. The labels they work with would not otherwise be available to us.

food with wines that tell a story

The wines the Borings have picked are standouts on their own, but it is the stories that come with them that make the occasion of enjoying a glass more memorable. Through their magazine Uncorked a world where sun and soil combine to create masterpieces is illustrated beautifully. Lush and ripe with fruit, the peppery finish of award winning “Los Braceros” from Robledo Family Wines is an even more satisfying sip when you learn that this is the first vineyard to be started by someone who started his career as a migrant farm worker. Reynaldo Robledo’s wines have been enjoyed by Presidents of Mexico and the US. This family endeavor is a fine representation of the gems Bruce and Pam have found to share.

Starting at $35 you need to venture no further than your door step to have a unique wine country experience. Through local wine brokers brought to your home by FedEx, the California Wine Club offers seamless delivery and service unavailable elsewhere.


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