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Maison les Delices - Hong Kong

Maison Les Delicacies - Hong Kong

What I have seen of the Island is beyond belief.  Volcanic mountains, haloed in clouds and covered in terraced gardens.... and then there is this Oasis...

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Vanessa Luk did not set hour to run a B&B.  When she returned to Hong Kong after many years of living abroad she knew she did not want to live in another apartment.  So she searched high and low for a special place.  She found one in Kam Tin village, home of the Tang family for over 25 generations.  After tearing down what was there she created something that is all hers.  It is such a special place her friends have encouraged her to share.  From fabulous dinner parties to sheltering people from all over the world Vanessa is the consummate host.  Here her love for decorating, cooking and gardening shines.  The interior is a blend of family heirlooms and art pieces.  On the main floor there is a sofa that starred in the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" and has a sibling in the Montreal Museum of art. 

She is often traveling to find pieces for her gallery in Paris, if you are lucky enough to be in Hong Kong while she is there you might enjoy the pleasure of her home.  If you do, I hope have a moment to sit in her garden with her and hear her fabulous stories of a life well lived.

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Faithful Frommagio guards the castle and Vicky is there to see to your whims.  It is a short walk to a historic village  and another with amazing markets.  20 minutes from the airport, a cab or MTR (subway) into Hong Kong City position Maison Delices as a perfect oasis when visiting this gateway to the far east.

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