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What is your Guilty Pleasure?



: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt

Is there something you like to do that makes time pass in an instant?  You know, a little something you keep to yourself in fear of being judged...  Do you vacuum in high heels?  Sing show tunes in the shower?

Justin's involves a swift river.  Another friend, who shall remain nameless, only buys animal print under garments.  My mother, I am such a tattle tale, loves crazy animal videos - and looking for rescue dogs.  She would not give up her precious Bea for the world, but if it weren't for my father, she might become a hoarder.  I think my father's is the Roku player I bought him for Valentine's Day last year.  He could be in line for some kick backs owing to all the people he shared the secret with.  When I asked Kathleen what hers was, she said, "This could take some time and might be a long list."

Kathleen had a point.  When I started pondering I thought I only had one - heh.

I'll tell you the ones that top my list;

  1. Window Shopping - I can't help myself.  There has been many a deadline I have struggled to meet because I was perusing.  I am doing it all the time.  I window shop online, in the street and through my camera lense.  It is not about a need to spend (other than time); people, places and things inspire me.  Fantastic displays, unexpected colors,the odd and the obscure, a little window dressing and my mind is racing I could be miles and days away and I am still thinking about what delighted me.
  2. I speak for all of our animals - they have their own voices and long conversations.  Charlie's is forever youthful and has a lisp. He teases Bea to no end.  Her's is a cross between Katherine Hepburn and Paula Deen.  She is a big help in the kitchen and is known channel Marilyn Monroe when she wants something from a man.  Ernest has yet to speak English, but my sister in law, Kate, is certain it will be with a Russian accent.
  3. My Pandora playlist; Cliff Richard has a station...
  4. The test kitchen that is most often set up in my home, but follows me where ever I venture.  I have the curves to prove it!

Guilty Pleasures can make a long day short and bad day good...A bit like love!

Guilty pleasure


Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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