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I started this new year hearing of plans to to take down a tree....It left me with a feeling of melancholy and I fled. Yet even in the woods, under a cloud speckled blue sky I could not escape the regret for the time I did not get to sit, relax and enjoy the sparkling light and gentle sent of pine...

The holidays are always frenetic and I often have difficulty with the transition to a simpler pace. For some reason I was just so much more overwhelmed this year; but unlike the past, I was not so eager to be out with the old.

One year ago I had resolved to appreciate everyday and find joy in the minutia of life. It was both easier than I thought and more difficult than I could have imagined. One day I would find a thousand reasons and another I would forget about it altogether. For sure, the exercise made me slow down.

A student, turned muse, helped me to see beauty in patterns and the changing light of day. As I began to once again need to capture moments in words and pictures, a trip reminded me of my desire to explore. Memories of scents and flavors returned to recapture places, people and moments. The mountain I have climbed to ensure there would continue to be a way to feed the hungry in my small part of the world has taught me the value of friendship and fidelity...

Like the assumption of a perfect date on Valentine's, the ideal gift at Christmas, resolutions have always seemed a source disappointment. I've imagined they were about giving something up. I suppose that may go hand in hand with the apathy I had allowed time and trial to nurture. Little by little the act of appreciating has driven such ennui from my life.

To make the most of the many opportunities that lay ahead, I will do my best to find patience this year. In the rush to reach a destination or make a point, I so often fail to stop, look and listen... What better way to appreciate people, places and possibilities....

My treeHere are some recipes to celebrate 2012

(It won't be too late for another 12 months)


What you've shared:

Ken Saveth • I tried to limit them to 2-3 per category & to be quantifiable AND measurable.

- Pray every day
- Read 2 books per month
- Weekly individual time with each family member
- Monthly time out with my wife
- One Random Act of Kindness to One Person Every Day
- Complete my 2nd 100 mile run
- Complete Chisholm Trail Ultra (my idea)
- Add 1-2 board members to my foundation; Know No Boundaries
- Grow membership to The GA (formerly The Gentlemen's Association) of which I am the president of the Oklahoma charter
- Loose xyx lbs by 2/29/12

These are a few of them.

Grace Barone • My New Years Resolution is to live life with grace, love and happiness. I want to appreciate the beauty in all that surrounds me. I want to take the ordinary routine things I do and make them a celebration.

Zander DiMare • Grace, I believe your New Year's resolution is the answer to inner peace "take the ordinary routine things...and make them a celebration". Thank you for sharing.

Ana Fritz • Since getting on board the social network, I have reconnected with many people. It has given me an opportunity to tell them what they have meant to me, that I did not have a chance to do so previously. I continue to be on my quest to have closure with both unclosed differences, and of expressions of love and gratitude never expressed. Happy New Year Julie!

Beverly Noble • Great post, Julie. Happiness comes first from within, next from the people around us, and a distance third from where we are.

Nancy O'Mallon • I will adopt and carry on your resolution from last year for 2012. I have always found it valuable (but often don't do it enough) to take in, appreciate and find joy in the small things of life. Thanks for the post Julie. Happy New Year!

 Cicily Corbett • My resolutions for 2012 are to: get my book published; run the writing workshops I've been talking about; learn Italian; go to California this summer; go to Paris; create a wikipedia page; create a web site for my new business; and drink more (inside joke!). I've made a little progress on each one of these so far.


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