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What are you doing for St Patrick's Day?

109718616 This year for St Patrick's day I am going to travel.  I will wake up with the sunrise and walk through rolling hills, imagining I am in Tipperary.  While enjoying a cup of Irish breakfast tea, I will try a new recipe for Spotted Dog, envisioning the coziness of a thatched roof cottage in Donegal.   I will visit a farmers market to get the freshest ingredients necessary for an Irish feast in Galway.  I will watch a parade, pretending I am in Dublin and visit a pub that could be in Belfast. I will come home to a table laden with Irish stew, Steak & Kidney pudding, soda bread and Guinness.  Such a grand time will wind down with a proper Irish Coffee.  Every toast to be had will be for those in Japan.  May they do what they have done before, overcome, prosper and celebrate like the Irish.



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