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A Note

A passion for teaching, firsthand experience in industry as well as connections within business and civic communities  allow me to bring both insight and opportunities to your organization.

My father instilled a wanderlust and desire for adventure in me at a very young age. It has led me to seek education, relationships and professional prospects abroad.  While I will happily hang my hat on any distant shore, there is no place like home.  I grew up and still reside in the shadow of the University.  Establishing a business and creating jobs has given me a vested interest in the local economy.  The knowledge I have gained in over two decades of private enterprise and nonprofit management has been invaluable in inspiring and engaging both students and interns.  Innovating for brands like CNN and Google has taught me that tenacity, coupled with a firm grasp of established principles can open doors to unexpected opportunities. 


When I first started at this university in 2010, I wanted to offer my students the opportunity to learn skills that would give them an advantage in the real world.  I experimented with different opportunities to work on projects which take their research and writing to a place that could be viewed and understood from a variety of angles.  While teaching in China I evolved these projects.  Today my students choose to work independently or in a group; creating a micro business which involves constructing a website.  They must make decisions related to the subject they are taking with me.  Midterm and final exams are now video essays which must address a series of questions and criteria.  While completely new to the vast majority of students, they embrace the challenge.  The most successful are truly creative; utilizing new resources from the web and managing peers with skills to fill in the gaps (such as acting, video editing and graphic arts).


The work I ask of my students is considerable, yet manageable.  It starts from day 1 and they are required to learn web development and videography independently.  Course materials come from educational and business publications as well as a series of videos and podcasts.  I strive to find material that is both relevant and engaging, recognizing that we all have unique ways of accumulating knowledge.  Through weekly written assignments and discussion; where students are required to think out loud rather than perform, I feel I can help to keep them on track throughout the semester.  It is my goal that they leave my class having had a meaningful experience. 


Throughout the semester I task students with answering questions in just 5 words.  It is difficult for most, many following up a paragraph to explain each of the words.  This spring Richard Calderon became quite exasperated with me; proclaiming it was impossible.  He then challenged me to characterize myself with the same limit.  When I stated “Inspiring people towards enriched futures”, he understood.  I love teaching and find it a privilege to have been afforded the opportunity to do so at this institution and within this department.  It is my hope you will find the skills I have to offer are a good fit for the role you are looking to fill with this position.

My Best,

Julie T Cecchini


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