My First Souvenir
Street Food in Xiamen

Grocery Shopping in China

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Thus far I have eaten well. 


I am truly happy cooking up my finds in my lovely little kitchen.  I am learning how to cook in a wok and eat with chop sticks.

Every Chinese person I meet asks me if I like Chinese food.  Every westerner I encounter tells me to stay away.  But I walk as I walk through the markest where they are cookig food I see grilled vegetables and fish on skewers and wonder how that could go wrong?  Perhaps I am not meeting enough Anthony Bourdain type personalities.


Grocery stores are for the most part small and full of packaged foods.  The real food is found in "wet" markets.  In one stall you find live ducks to choose from, another has the roasted version - all there with the exception of the feathers.

Eggs are every where, in all shapes and sizes.  Vegetables and fruit are a rainbow of choice.

Local delicacies are oysters, dried sea food, sticky rice cakes and peanuts.  Around every corner you will find people trying to sell one of them to you. 


There is one trend that flows though each market vendor; they are proud of who they are and what they are doing.  They want to share the fruits of their labors.


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Maision Les Délices

I will bring to visit our market in Hong Kong, must confess less exotique!


Vanessa I can't wait - less exotic is OK

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